yep, i’m cranky.

There are a few things I learnt in the kitchens as an apprentice, aside from the obvious cooking skills.

number one, and this counts in any industry, not just cooking, is this: If you’re not early, you’re late.
there’s no other way to put it. you get to work half an hour to fifteen minutes early. time to fix your make-up, stow away your bag, say hello to everyone, get a drink and put your happy ‘I’m dealing with customers‘ face on.  getting to work at 11 when you start (or as is frequently the case, 5, 10, 15 past 11) doesn’t allow that, and then we have to wait patiently while you piss fart around doing exactly those thing I mentioned. grow a braincell you retarded fucks.

number two, you only take a sick day if you’re dying- or not sick at all. you have a runny nose and a sore throat? harden the fuck up. get yourself some pharmacy medicine and get your arse into gear.

number three, don’t use a ‘headache’ as an excuse for ANYTHING. Panadol, neurofen and panadeine were invented mostly for that.

 number four, if you are going to call in sick, don’t wait until five minutes before your shift starts to let anyone know. two hours minimum notice is standard in most places. that allows the employer time to ring around other ‘on call’ employees, see who can come in, time for them to get ready and be there. on time. which you never are anyway.

now you may be wondering what has bought this on today. I had a meeting this morning at work. 9am start- which is an hour before we open, an hour before I start (though I am, always early; point 1). so of course I dragged my sorry hung over ass out of bed earlier than usual, got myself together- hell I even ate breakfast.
yep, I’ve got a throbbing headache, a dry mouth and a serious regret for ever having started drinking again, but I got up, and I presented myself 15 minutes early.
only to receive a text message as I parked saying that the meeting had been cancelled because someone wasn’t showing up because of a headache. a fucking headache. you’ve got to be fucking kidding me.

this has brought me to question the work ethic of pretty much everyone I work with. whats worse, is when I look at who is constantly late, sick or leaving early- it’s only the girls. Now, I don’t work with them. I work on my own, in the kitchen, I run my own show, but seriously- I am the one who listens to the boss when he needs to have an expletive laden vent at what goes on in his establishment.

it’s no fucking wonder generation y has such a bad reputation, and its no wonder there are still places that will hire more men than women. it’s just sad that because of the half-dozen slack bitches who can’t be arsed ever doing things right by work, that the rest of us have to suffer.
I’m really fucking sick of it. it fucks up my day. it puts me in a bad mood, and then the rest of you have to suffer even more because im in a foul temper.

so, there we go. I’m hung over, angry at the people i work with who have no work ethic, sense of time or loyalty/ownership/enthusiasm for their job, and I’ve had my expletive laden vent for the morning.

you’ve got a headache? harden the fuck up.


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