My week away (only a fortnight late)

So I’ve been promising that I’ll write about my birthday party/ holiday/ fun times, and i hate not to fulfil a promise, so here goes.

29th/30th- Sunday/Monday. I worked at the pattisserie for 5 hours, because Elsa wanted the day off, and I haven’t yet learnt to say, ‘ummm, no’ so therefore, my month-without-a-day-off became a day longer. Luckily, Saturday night I had gone to the effort of packing the car, so I could just get in and go when the time was right. I finished at about 2:30, headed home and tried to have a nap. NO CIGAR. My body was all, ‘Ha! fuck you Alex, you’re going to have to drive 1247KMs on adrenaline and caffine pills alone’  so, 4 caffiene pills, two neurofen and many impatient text messages to Kristi later, and 4:30 was when I lost my patience and got in the car to go.
Boy, did I learn my lesson then. Never, EVER will I drive that far, alone, in the dark, after such an epic working spree. I had to pull over in Coffs Harbour (halfway) and nap for an hour, and then struggle onwards. 40 minutes from the finish line, I had to pull over again, because my vision was blurring and I was beginning to swerve around in my lane. Slept for another 45 minutes, and finally got to the Sunshine Coast at just before 6am- waking Kristi up as I arrived 😀
I spent the first day getting settled into the holiday house I’d rented (which was awesome) had sexy JOW noodles (which is probably my most missed takeaway from the coast) with Kristi, and just chilled out in general.I saw my brothers for the first time in 6 months, and invited them over for dinner on tuesday.  I think I was in bed at just after 8, and I didn’t re-gain conciousness till I felt Finley’s massive paw batting me in the face at 5am the next morning.

31st- Tuesday. Got up at 5am and took Finley for a walk along the beach. I’ve never seen a more hypo dog, when it comes to wanting pats. He had his big doggy grin plastered all over his face, and his tail wagging so hard his butt wagged too.  and he got what he wanted too- so many buff, tanned, sunshine coast early morning runners stopped to pat him and give him a scratch. Where was mine?
I set up my new Nespresso machine, fiddled with it for a bit, then made Kristi a cup when she came over before work. Afterwards, I got ready and picked up Gabby, who is, sadly, mourning the loss of her soulmate and closest friend. We picked up Marissa, and went to Noosa. somehow, amazingly, Courtney from Noosa Junction Tattoo designed and fitted in a tattoo session for Gabby as soon as we walked in. Her tattoo looks amazing, and I think it will help, in the future, for her to feel closer to Paul again.



That night, Matthew, my 10 year old brother, came to visit. We made pizza, watched TopGear, and laughed like we always did. It wasn’t until then I realised just how much I missed the little fella’s company, and just how alike we really are. We’re close enough that he confided in my just how sad he was that on Sunday coming (Fathers Day) he was singing in the school choir at a Fathers Day festival, but his Father wouldn’t be going, because James had his football grand final.I understand that James, at 12, is a talented young player- But when your youngest son is singing, at a thing specifically for Fathers… well, my heart broke for him.

1st- Wednesday. I organised most of the food ordering, the butcher, baker and candlestick maker, as well as all that extra fun stuff, the softdrinks, lollies, cake bags and so on. I went to lunch with Arsenio and Finley. I also saw Jeremy, who I hadn’t seen or heard about in 8 months. he gave me a free coffee. I like Jeremy 🙂 I also visited Gabby again, because while my trip lasted, I wanted to make sure she was still going strong. riding the waves like the amazing surfer she is. 
I had dinner with my mother, step-dad, and both brothers. it was… well, it felt empty. Darren, my step-dad, tried really hard to keep the conversation going. Because my mother and I were really struggling to find words for one another. James was his usual cocky self. Matthew, as typical, was as sweethearted and loving as ever. I couldn’t love and adore that boy more, if he was my own child. I got a Kitchen Aid for my birthday present, along with a pretty amazing scrap-book that my mother had made over the years, of photos of me from birth to 15. it’s quite stunning and I will post pictures one day.

2nd- Thursday. It’s my 21st. I woke up to a message from Kristi, wishing me a Happy Birthday, the old sweetheart. also recieved many happy birthday phone calls through the day, which was sweet. I had a chilled out morning, had lunch with Miles, got a manicure and pedicure in the afternoon, then had a nap, and then, went up to Sunshine Plaza with Kristi and took this piss out of anyone and everyone. it was beyond amusing. something I miss every day.  Then myself, Kristi and Aaron got Hungry Jacks and stole kids party hats from them, and some old lady sung me ‘happy birthday’ when I complained about something and said ‘Yeah, but ITS MY BIRTHDAY’ then we went for a drive round the beaches (which was redundant at this hour- in the pitch black all you see is vague cliffs and distant ships’ lights) got chased for a little while by tarted up sluts on crappy cars. laughed lots. and still, was home in bed by ten. Was a brilliant day 🙂

3rd- Friday. i spent most of today organising things for the next days party. had lunch with kristi. Dad and Pania arrived about 2. did more party organising. the whole of dads family came over for dinner. kids, finley and adults alike all had fun. it was a good catchup before the actual party.

4th- Saturday. its a blur. it was an insane mix of organising, moving food, and then the actual party. which, if i’m completely honest, i didn’t enjoy. i felt awkward because both sides of my family seperated quickly. there was one side and the other and i was caught going between them both. looking back, it was probably too ambitious of me to try to force them to co-exist nicely, considering all the bad blood between families. like romeo and juliet, but with only juliet.

then all of dads family came back for dinner, and we did it all again. it was nice.

5th- Sunday. it was granny’s birthday, and fathers day, so again all of dads family got together for breaky. then i went to watch my brothers in choir/footy final. Matthew sung beautifully, as usual. James’ team lost his grandfinal.
so then it was time for me to once again, say goodbye to my baby brothers. Matthew was almost reduced to tears, and it of course broke my heart. James didn’t want to see me because he was upset about football.
i struggled during the drive back to the house, not to bawl my eyes out for missing my Matthew already. i still haven’t had a proper cry, over a fortnight later, and im in need of one.

3am monday morning, Finley and I set out to come home. I’ve never been more releived to see a stateline. i don’t want to go back to queensland again. not anytime soon, anyway.


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