I would  submit this open letter to the world wide web:

Dear SPS Company,

While I applaud your efforts in the universal key making business, I would like to point out, just a few minor issues I have with your 99-year-old product.

A Hex-key, is something that should make the task of putting something together (be it IKEA furniture, or a dog house) altogether a much simpler, more pleasant task. YOURS DOESN”T. It turns me into a violent, expletive spewing chemical mass, ready to explode.
I just spent half an hour LOOKING for the damn hex-key to fit my dog bed.
Then, I spent forty-five minutes putting the damn thing together. 
A job that, with a normal screwdriver, would take me 10 minutes. (and I can prove this, because the other dog bed has NORMAL screws)
We’re talking four pieces of powder coated aluminum, with a stretched plastic-fabric sack to act as an ‘off the ground’ bed for my dog.

Not only is the Hex-Key fucking stupid, it’s hard to hold, hard to consistently have to jam back in the stupid Hex-Hole every time I dropped it, hard to turn because of its stupid shape and angles, and just stupid in general.

Fuck you, Hex-Key, and fuck you, SPS Company.

I’m done 🙂


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