Party Hats

It’s funny how, you can leave something, a place, a person, and pick it up exactly where you left off.  My best friend Kristi and I are like that. In the week I spent on the Sunshine Coast, we’ve just picked up the threads of where I left, and we’ve started along the same way we always have been. A few minor changes of course, but in the whole, it’s still US.

On my birthday, Kristi had to work, but in the afternoon, we went shopping, spent hours taking the piss out of skankily dressed girls and boys with crappily done up cars, and generally caused a scene on the sunshine coast.

‘Is it sad that, it’s your 21st, and we’re sitting in hungry jacks, eating burgers for dinner, wearing kids party hats?’ Kristi asked.

‘That’s a rhetorical question, I hope. And the answer is no, if it isn’t’ I said after I managed to stop choking on my mouthful of burger from laughing.

Yep, you read right. For dinner on my 21st, Kristi, her partner Aaron and I, ate Hungry Jacks, stole kids party hats, and got chased by a bunch of sluts who tried to take the piss out of our party hats. Stupid sluts. Gah.

And you know what- lame as that night may sound- i wouldn’t have had my birthday night any other way.


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