Today I;

Attended Wendy’s funeral- the service was short, simple and beautiful. very emotional, and with many moving tributes.

Ate 250mL of Homer Hudson chocolate rock icecream, because I was sad after aforementioned funeral.

Packed my backpack for the road trip to Queensland. then unpacked and re-packed. twice.

Cuddled in bed with Finley

Damned my ovaries to heck for causing me so much continual agony

Read, and re-read, and re-read a note from my friend Gabby- I love you darling, and I’m always here for you. Rest In Peace, Dear Paul.

Talked to Shaun, and smiled, as usual.

Listened to David Bowie/Queen/Michael Jackson/Willie Nelson, and heard my Step-Grandfathers voice for the first time, on an old recording of him singing. He had a wonderful voice.

Cried a little, a lot, and then some more.

Wrote this simple post, and then defected to bed.


until tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow…


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