day 14, Phenylephrine, Meltdowns and Bonox

So it’s day 14 of my 21 day stint.

many things have happened – I’m not quiet sure how they link together, but this is how it seems to flow in my mind;

saturday, voted in the federal election, really quiet at work, closed early, went home, ran about with Finley, Jesse, Nicole, Lauchlan and Rachael. it was cold. I got a sniffly nose. changed and picked up some gourmet pizzas for dinner with Dad and Pania. watched a bit of the election vote counting. watched Wolverine. was awesome. received phone call from concord hospital to inform us Pania’s (step grandma) mother had passed away. spoke for a while about her death and cried. watched the rest of the vote counting, till midnight when it was called a night. said goodbye. drove home. got home about half-midnight, curled up in bed. slept okay till 6. woke up exhausted, drained, and with a yucky throat. went to work. started bawling when Elsa asked how I was today. recovered, worked. finished early. home by 4:30. slept for an hour. fed Finley. yelled at Finley. showered and nearly passed out. also used most of the hot water. curled up on top of bed sweating, shaking and fighting the urge to vomit, wrapped in track suit, Skippy, dressing gown, blanket and Finley.  6pm, decided to bravely venture forth to chemist. made it to chemist in one, very shaken, piece. spent 50, broke a bottle of glucozade, and had a near mental breakdown when I couldn’t find the tissues. took near overdose levels of each drug to speed up effects. liver began to complain immediately. managed to get home. drank a cup of bonox. which right now, is the most delicious thing in the whole world. now curled up in bed, heater roaring, blankets galore, waiting for sudafed to kick in and unblock my nose. fuck you phenylephrine. where for art thou, pseudoephedrine? return to me, return!

that’s all in one block, because in my head, this is all related, all mashed into one big, long day.

I can’t do a real post justice, but i figured this might provide some amusement for the time being.

Rest In Peace, Wendy Ronganui.


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