Eeeep :)

Good Morning 🙂

So, it’s no secret that I’m extraordinarily fond of TopGear. Probably a little too much. Last night, I downloaded ‘The Specials’ and had to force myself to bed, because it was too hard to take my focus from Jeremy, James and Richard. I am currently guiltily uploading them to my iPod, so if its quiet at work, I can watch some more… hehe 🙂

Who would have thought, that 3 middle aged, distincly greying men, cocking about and playing with awesomely powerful cars, would provide me with so much entertainment? I can’t pick a favourite guy… well, maybe I can. its definately between James and Richard. James because he’s anal and pedantic and has floppy spaniel hair. Richard because he’s hypo and slightly bogan and has gorgeous eyes. Its like my personality split in two…

See? adorable!

Anyway. Lets move away from my strange crushes on men twenty years older than me. twenty seven in James’ case. thirty in Jeremy’s… -_- I know, it’ odd.

I’ve been doing some work of my mate Herve- a french pastry chef. I adore him, his whole family. And Emma, the barista they employ. when I got my tattoo of the coffee cup, I joked i’d put her name under it. This is how serious my love affair is with coffee, and she makes a brilliant cup 😀

I just wanted to show you a picature of one of Herve’s creations- a Crouquembouche 🙂

mmmm, yummy 🙂


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