It’s Finally Over!!!

That's me- holding my heart full of enthusiasm and passion, with colours that will paint the world. doubles as a pallette i guess...

Day 29 – What you live for: I live for… well, there are many things.
I live for the eternal quest for knowledge.
For the hope of finding love and complete happiness, enlightenment.
I live for each day, to make each day count – knowing that each new day before me is a blank slate that I can make beautiful.
I’ve got the air in my lungs, a few dollars in my pocket, and a whole heart full of enthusiasm and passion wth which to explore and colour the world…

Day 30 – Ways you believe you have grown over the last 30 days… I haven’t grown. not a millimetre. in height, anyway. possibly my waistline has expanded, but then, my jeans are getting a little baggy, so maybe it’s shrinking.
I know my enthusiasm for writing about myself with these prompts is miniscule, it’s been kind of growing in reverse if you will…

Enough for now 😉 night.


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