Day 10 & Security

I am onto Day 10 of a 24 day straight stretch of work- as I get more tired, I’m going to get more cranky, and less pleasant.

I’m going to really kickstarty this post with a comic that made me pee a little bit in my jeans, I laughed so hard. If you don’t find it as amusing, feel free to poke me in the knee with a hatpin.

hehehe :)

if a little bit of wee didn't just come out, you have no sense of humor, and we are no longer friends.


 It’s been really quiet in the restaurant It’s just me in the Kitchen- hence the 24 day straight stint… it was so quiet today, I sat in my little office and read through a major appliances catalogue. oh, so many big, shiny, whirry, choppy, blendy things. I did feed a few people, but you know, maybe 50… over three hours, you know, its not that many. -_-

Let me say right now- I love my job. I love the people I work with, particularly Kevin and Dan (our humor works well together), but it doesn’t excite me. It doesn’t stimulate my creativity, nor my passion.

And this is what is bugging me at present. I feel as though I’ve sold out. In exchange for security and a steady life, job and income – I’ve traded in my passion, excitement and creativity.

That’s not to say I don’t still love food, or get excited and passionate about it- just that this restaurant… well. the food bores me. and the clientel… well. lets just say the highlight of my career to date is not when the crack-dealing-man-whore told me it was the best steak he’d had in ages today.

So, you may be wondering. Why did I trade passion, and interest, for this job?
Because I’ve desperately needed the security, the safety of being a full-time, salary employee. I was sick to death of being casual, and bosses can tell you to take a hike the second tourist season is over. I’m studying Business, and this is also a fantastic opportunity to learn more about big corporate business.

But now I am wondering how long I can last. Because all that has ever sustained me, all that has ever driven me forward in my life, is curiosity, passion, excitement about food. Without it… I’m not sure I will last long. Even if it is security.

How do people that hate being office workers, stay office workers for years? how does anyone continue to do something they aren’t interested in, continually, day-in-day-out?

That’s just my observation for today. It’s time for bed 🙂


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