Define, what?


Day 26 – Your definition of love:

My definition of love?

I can’t define love. I don’t think anyone can define love. It’s not defin-able. and I think there’s different types of love.

I was going through some old stories I’d written a few years ago, just the other day, and I found a spiel about ‘Love’. It went like this: ‘You know how people say everything has it’s equal and opposite? Well, it’s like that. When you’re in love, you’re equals. and sometimes, it works best when you’re opposite. You mesh. One’s strengths are the others weaknesses, and thats not a bad thing, because it takes the pressure off- theres a more even distribution. If you Love someone, when you’re in love, their weaknesses shouldn’t matter. Its just one of the things about them that should draw you closer together’
It goes on for a page or more- i’m not going to transcribe it all.
As you can tell, i was, and really, still am, very naive about Love and the way it works, what it means… Love is something that shouldn’t need to be defined, because my view will be different to yours.


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