And so it is…

I’ve found im really enjoying the ‘Not Quite Nigella’ blog, so heres the linkage- Todays Veal, Mustard and Pickle Toastie looks amazing. deliciousa 🙂

I like random funny things that ‘stumble’ gives me.

And Sleep Talkin Man gives me my afternoon giggles (morning giggles if i was in England)

Day 11 – Favorite picture ever taken of yourself –

Errrm. I don’t have one. in all honesty. maybe one-day I will.

Day 12 – An inside joke – TOLLBOOTH!
Kristi and I were driving from Sydney to the Sunshine Coast (14hrs approx), moving me back there, and we left at 4am. I took the first shift having ‘Driven around Sydney more’ (hence the nickname, miss Sydney). An hour into our trip, coming off the M7, we had to go through a Toll. Being tired and not paying huge attention, I approached said Tollbooth. this particular one, was divided into truck/commercial and standard motorist sides. The standard side was automatic, relying on the Etag. the commercial side, was not. still not paying attention, I took the commercial side. approaching at 100Kms, suddenly noticed the boomgate. 
A boomgate that was not lifting.
cue sudden swerve around boomgate, and my passenger looking determinedly out the window, shoulders heaving with hysterical laughter.
all either one of us has to say, text or indicate is ‘Tollbooth’ and both of us are in hysterics 🙂

over and out for now 🙂


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