Dockets and night time visions…

Day 10 – A dream you had this past week described in detail.

The only one I remember well enough to relate here is one I have frequently- as I know many other chefs do too. It’s more of a nightmare really, but, I was ‘night-time-mind-visions’ so I guess it’ll count 🙂

 As usual, it’s a busy day in the kitchen, but none of the food deliveries have come in yet; so barely any of the prep is done, and I’m prepping up as much as I can because I can see people walking in the restaurant doors already; it’s only 10am on the kitchen clock. So I keep prepping what I can, and by midday, the deliveries still haven’t arrived. Orders start to come in. The sound of the docket machine is a constant the whole way through this dream. More orders come in. Barely ten minutes pass and food is starting to run out, but orders are coming in even faster, more and more orders. so many people wanting food. No wait staff are coming into the kitchen even though I’m yelling that there’s no food left, stop taking orders.

This is a dream that I never see the end of, because I always struggle and wake myself up well before I can be any more horrified. It may sound amusing, but believe me, I wake up in a cold sweat, close enough to tears; it’s horrible.

Tattoo is booked in; Monday 8th August – 4pm. I’ll make sure to upload some pictures 🙂 Jimmy, the young fella who did my last one- the coffee cup, is doing this one too. He’s a sweetheart. Thinks I’m weird as all since the Coffee tattoo, but still, Sweet.

Finley is 6 months old today 🙂 I cant believe how quickly the last 3 months have gone! he’s such a big boy now… so far we’ve masterd ‘Sit’ ‘Down’ ‘Come’ and we’re doing pretty well with ‘Wait’ ‘Off’ and ‘Stay’. All the fun commands like ‘Roll Over’ and ‘Shake’ are on hold until he learns his basic obedience cmmands first.

I’ve never been a really big ‘outside’ girl, but I think its funny just how much I now rely on my daily walks/runs with Finley. If I don’t get outside in the sunshine and fresh air, I’m beginning to get really cranky! I found it surprising how te last two days it was horrible rainy weather, and we couldn’t go out- and my mood ws quite low compared to usual- this morning, outside in brilliant sunshine (you’d think it was spring) running about with Finley, my whole outlook on the day is more positive… its nice 🙂

Anyways, best be off- plenty of housework still to be completed. 🙂


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