Can i make ONE tiny change??


I am a chef at heart… in every way really. I’ve ever had a chance to be anything but. and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but right now, I just have to have a little vent. and im sure my other chef buddies will sympathise with me on this one- what follows drives me nuts!

‘Instead of the wilted English spinach, beurre blanc and asparagus, can I have it with chips and salad?

Even now I can see the waiter or waitress struggling to contain the eye roll, and fighting the urge to tell the ignorant bastard to go to the local RSL club. They know full well the reaction the kitchen will have. They also know full well that because the owner wants the ignorant bastard’s money, he’ll get his way, even if it means sacrificing yet another tiny piece of the chefs ailing sanity.

Here’s a little secret; chefs write menus. Chefs see and know the produce. Chefs do not produce a menu for their own entertainment; they produce a menu because they know that the fresh Barramundi fillet will go beautifully with the English spinach, the beurre blanc and the asparagus. A menu isn’t painstakingly costed, tested and explored for the chef’s amusement. Any chef worth his (or her) salt knows how to produce a plate of flavours that work- even if it is the basics, the original French, Italian or Asian styles.

Menus are written because that’s what the kitchen is going to create. If the menu states ‘Wild caught Barramundi fillet with wilted English spinach, beurre blanc and steamed asparagus’ then that is what the kitchen has spent their time preparing.  It’s insulting to be asked to ignore the menu we’ve so carefully prepared, costed, and tested, and replace the beautiful accompaniments with chips and salad. Or with anything other than the accompaniments on the menu.

Do you ask your dentist to completely change his methods, put a filling where it’s not needed or attach braces because you think it’s better, or that’s what you want?

No- your dentist is the expert. Just like the chef in a restaurant is the expert. They spent long, hard years training. Give them a little faith. More than likely you’ll come out of the experience on top. And save your waiter or waitress from the chef’s angry words.

Right, I’ve gotten it all out for now- night!


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Shaun Gray
    Aug 10, 2010 @ 23:56:53

    I love your style of writing. Love this blog 🙂


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