Well here we go- I may go on a bit here… bear with me!

Day 09 – Five things you want to see change.

#1 – Gay Marriage Rights. It may not be you that is gay. But I believe that as a functioning, growing and maturing society, we should now be able to accept that your sexuality is not chosen, but something you are instinctively attuned to. Just as a man who loves a woman (and vice versa) is allowed the right to marry, so should a man who loves a man, a woman who loves a woman. You may have your religious beliefs, but in no way should that ever take away a persons right to display their love for another in a way that any straight couple takes for granted.
‘Marriage is a human right, not a Heterosexual privelige’


#2 – Child Protection Laws; There are many young children in my life, from my younger brothers at 12 and 10, to my youngest cousin who is not yet 1. and I love each and every one of them dearly. I adore my friends children, nieces, nephews, simply because that’s who I am. I love children. I can, have and will go out of my way to make sure that the right thing is done by a child. But our current legal system is doing otherwise.
If a mother is unfit to raise her child- The best thing for the child is to take them away! If someone is molesting or assaulting a child- immediate jail term, with an increased minimum! the way we’re going about ‘protecting’ children is to protect the people who are harming them in the first place…

#3 – Anyone who doesn’t indicate while driving should now be shot on the first offence in the leg first, and so on for following offences… INDICATE people, im not a fucking mind-reader!

#4 – Air travel; it just needs to be cheaper for a small-time chef like me to jump on a big aeroplane and fly to the continent: I only want to further my career by traveling in doing so, upon my return, lifting the local economy by bringing before-unknown knowledge here… yes, Julia Gillard. Kevin gave me cash, I want you to give me a return flight to france. still won’t vote for you, but do it anyway.

#5 – I’d love to see a change in people’s narrow minds. broaden your horizons a little, people! if you must, start by having vegetable and mash instead of chips with your Schnitzler, and then, slowly but surely, perhaps I can introduce you to the finer foods in life. im not saying it’ll be truffles and foie gras straight up, but please… try something new for a change. god knows I’m sick of the smell of deep-fried oil in my work clothes….

thats all for now. 🙂


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