I’ve been thinking about ‘Home’ a lot recently. ‘Home is where the heart is’ apparently. I prefer the phrase, ‘home is what you make it’

Perhaps, it’s just my gypsy, ‘go where the wind blows me’ instincts, but I find that (even more so as I get older) home is not where I grew up. Home is not where I was born. Home is not even where my family is.

Home is where I feel comfortable. Where I feel loved. Where I feel free. Where I can express myself without fear of disappointing anyone. A place I can roam, a place I can curl up on the couch. Sometimes, feeling at home is as simple as the look in my puppy Finley’s eyes when I arrive in from work.

I was raised on the coast- it’s a gorgeous place; beaches, warmth, restaurants. Raised on the coast. But it was never home.

Right now, Home is my little studio apartment, where Finley will soon outgrow the couch. It’s this city of Sydney, and the tingle I feel along my spine whenever I see the city lights bright on the horizon, or all around me. It’s the people I laugh and joke with when I work.

I should also point out that there are many people who make a ‘place’ my ‘home’ or that simply just feel like ‘home’. But not all of them are in the one spot. My example here must be a newfound friend, whom I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting- he’s Irish, his name, Shaun. When I talk with him, I feel as comfortable, relaxed, expressive and free as I ever can with my best and closest friend Kristi. I feel at home with Shaun, though we’ve never met.

I feel at home when I walk into my best friend’s house.

I feel at home when I walk into whatever kitchen I’m running at the time.

I feel at home when I talk to someone I care about, that warm feeling somewhere deep inside, not quiet in your heart, that place where your soul must live.

So perhaps a better phrase for me to use would be ‘My home- I’ve made it, and my heart resides’

P.S. Day 08 – Someone you think would make a good president; oh, that’s a tough one… I’d have to say… Ross Noble 🙂

And do you even need an explanation? The guy is awesome, funny, and he has long, poufy, hippy hair. What’s not to make president?


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  1. Shaun Gray
    Jul 28, 2010 @ 14:31:03

    Great post. Really warm and heartfelt 🙂

    And thank you so much ^_^


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