‘insert witty title here’

I feel slack- I’ve missed three days…

I have been sick though, so i think that’s a legit excuse…

The DaVinci exhibition at Sydney Town Hall, was brilliant; aside from the ratbastard little kids running around screaming about the naked man in the anatomy section, and banging around the models of the inventions so hard they broke…. I hate people who take kids to events like that…
but anyway, that is not my point.
my point was, DaVinci… I knew him as a brilliant artist and inventor, but I literally had no idea at all that he had studied so seriously into anatomy and the human body, its functions… his drawings, research and findings absolutely blew me away; imagine if he had of published more of his work back then; I can only think that not only would the medical fields have advanced, but so would scientific and artistic thinking, to the degree that today, we would be more advanced than we are…

 I have decided upon a new tattoo. If you know me well, you know I have a deep fascination with Alexander the Great; from his childhood right through to his death, and all those he conquered on the way. So I chose one of my favourite quotes attributed to the great man: ‘Nothing is impossible to he who would try’
I think it not only shows the mans strength and courage in his own life, but can be molded to anyones life. everyone has obstacles and tasks to face, and if you really try, it is not so impossible as it might seem…
so it shall be on the outer edge of my lower right forearm, in typewriter print… im looking forward to it.

I guess I had better fill in the last three days of my kickstart:

Day 04 – What you imagine paradise to be like- I can’t even begin to imagine what paradise would be like for me. im not even going to try to transcribe the thoughts running through my head; they’d be far to messy to make sense…

Day 05 – A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life-

Dear Glenn,

You probably won’t remember me. We once sat next to one another on a plane from Sydney to Brisbane. I was 14. I don’t remember why we started talking, but we did. A whole hour and a half we spoke, and for some reason I was immediately comfortable enough with you to tell you all about how much I wanted to be a chef. How, at times, certain members of my family weren’t very supportive of this goal.

In that single hour and a half, you somehow gave me enough confidence in myself and my dreams to become a chef. I’ve thought of you a lot since then. Tried to find you a few times, but when all you’ve got to go on is a name, you don’t get far. but now that it comes to writing this down, I want to make sure you know, just how very grateful I am.

Mr Glenn Roy, had I not met you, had by some twist in fate, I been stuck sitting next to someone else, I doubt I would have ever found the spark that completely ignited my passion for following my heart, and my dreams. many other things have happened that have led me along the path I’ve found, but you, sir, were the one who set my feet upon it. A stranger, a complete stranger, yet you have changed my life in so many ways. my written words can never express my gratitude, not even my most eloquent spoken.

I hope that by some fluke of fate, once more, you will read this and know just what a positive impact you made upon a young girls life- you changed it completely.


(that was hard to write, but im glad I finally did)

Day 06 – Earliest thing you can remember- wow, I don’t know. there are lots of memories from being young, I just don’t know which order they’re in. I guess it might be when I was really little and my mother found me eating dirt out of one of her potted plants. I also vividly remember ‘Benson’ my uncles turtle, which we looked after, and sitting on the table to pat his shell… fun times 🙂

well, I guess that’s it for my musings of the day 🙂

im off to make nachos for dinner… yum!



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