Cat, Michael, Bob & Ziggy…

To continue like I said I would, it’s day 7! oh yeah baby!

Day 07 – Favorite cover of your favorite song- While not my favourite song (I can’t narrow down just ONE), its right up there, as one I love constantly… ‘Ain’t no Sunshine’ by Bill Withers.

My favourite cover would have to be Cat Steven’s effort, closely followed by Michael Jackson, then Bob Marley (and Ziggy too)

I’m sick of being sick! But, I am probably not helping myself- Finely, my 5 month old bitza puppy, still needs lots of exercise, so we walk/run morning and afternoon, even though it’s currently raining… I feel lots better than I did yesterday though, probably because I inhaled about a Kg of green veggies 😀

Top Gear was on last night- it’s always excellent to watch (who am i kidding, its my favourite show!) It’s good that the Nine Network has fast-tracked the new series through, even though that means we’ve missed an entire season… Hammond’s hair is getting longer, Jeremy has definitely grayed more, and James has lost a bit of his beer gut. otherwise, their cocking about is normal, and thoroughly amusing.
My favourite part? When they put on a BBQ for the ‘Star in a Reasonably Priced Car’ segment… Jeremy: “I’ve got a Cauliflower… In case, you know, there’s a Vegetarian person” (cue hysterical laughter on my part)

I’m going through a George Michael phase- loving his tunes at the moment… ‘Don’t let the Sun go down on Me’ with Elton John, is brilliant.

I’ve just realised it’s only 5 weeks until I’m 21… holy crap! I’ve got the whole party planned, I just haven’t really gotten to the point of realising I actually have to traipse all the way to Queensland fo the shindig… and with Finley in the back of the car -_- oh yeah.. but, ‘i gotta have faith, faith, faith…’ who is faith anyway?

reading: ‘As You Do’- Richard Hammond, ‘Intention Experiement’ Lynne McTaggart

listening: George Michael, Oasis, The Beatles… all round a very english playlist 🙂


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