Little by Little…



I had my first night in another kitchen last night with my new ‘Head Chef’ position. So i spend 6 days in my own kitchen, and one night in another, helping out te other chef when its really very busy. last night it wasn’t. not in the slightest. but Dallas, the other chef, broke his wrist during the course of the evening… how, I still haven’t figured out.

anyway, he’s a sweet old guy- harder to understand than Ozzy Osbourne, but a sweetheart nonetheless…

so i figure seeing as I started this yesterday I had better well continue what I’ve started here is day twos’ question and answer

Day 02 – Something that inspires you?                                                                                                                                                                                     Taking a young apprentice to the Fruit and Veg and/or Fish markets at 3/4am and seeing their eyes widen, and the energy and enthusiasm that they show taking some fresh produce back to the kitchen and showing them how to use it to make it sing… knowing you’ve lit up a bit of their passion for what you love so much yourself, that’s what inspires me…

So of course this got me thinking about what else inspires me- food and cooking obviously, but what else?

Right now, I’m watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution- and right now, its inspiring me. seeing those 6-year-old kids who don’t know what a pea, potato or tomato is…. the most basic food. that’s just phenomenal. I can understand why Oliver breaks down, because its heartbreaking watching it, let alone being involved…

In a sudden change of subject I just saw an ad for the new Mitsubishi electric car… is it policy among car companies that all ‘green’ cars, must be UGLY? I love the planet as much as Bob Brown, but I don’t want an ugly car just because it’ll being doing some supposed good- especially when it takes as much carbon pollution to make it, as running a standard car….
just a thought…

right, should get going. 

 till tomorrow!


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