Can i make ONE tiny change??


I am a chef at heart… in every way really. I’ve ever had a chance to be anything but. and I wouldn’t have it any other way, but right now, I just have to have a little vent. and im sure my other chef buddies will sympathise with me on this one- what follows drives me nuts!

‘Instead of the wilted English spinach, beurre blanc and asparagus, can I have it with chips and salad?

Even now I can see the waiter or waitress struggling to contain the eye roll, and fighting the urge to tell the ignorant bastard to go to the local RSL club. They know full well the reaction the kitchen will have. They also know full well that because the owner wants the ignorant bastard’s money, he’ll get his way, even if it means sacrificing yet another tiny piece of the chefs ailing sanity.

Here’s a little secret; chefs write menus. Chefs see and know the produce. Chefs do not produce a menu for their own entertainment; they produce a menu because they know that the fresh Barramundi fillet will go beautifully with the English spinach, the beurre blanc and the asparagus. A menu isn’t painstakingly costed, tested and explored for the chef’s amusement. Any chef worth his (or her) salt knows how to produce a plate of flavours that work- even if it is the basics, the original French, Italian or Asian styles.

Menus are written because that’s what the kitchen is going to create. If the menu states ‘Wild caught Barramundi fillet with wilted English spinach, beurre blanc and steamed asparagus’ then that is what the kitchen has spent their time preparing.  It’s insulting to be asked to ignore the menu we’ve so carefully prepared, costed, and tested, and replace the beautiful accompaniments with chips and salad. Or with anything other than the accompaniments on the menu.

Do you ask your dentist to completely change his methods, put a filling where it’s not needed or attach braces because you think it’s better, or that’s what you want?

No- your dentist is the expert. Just like the chef in a restaurant is the expert. They spent long, hard years training. Give them a little faith. More than likely you’ll come out of the experience on top. And save your waiter or waitress from the chef’s angry words.

Right, I’ve gotten it all out for now- night!


Well here we go- I may go on a bit here… bear with me!

Day 09 – Five things you want to see change.

#1 – Gay Marriage Rights. It may not be you that is gay. But I believe that as a functioning, growing and maturing society, we should now be able to accept that your sexuality is not chosen, but something you are instinctively attuned to. Just as a man who loves a woman (and vice versa) is allowed the right to marry, so should a man who loves a man, a woman who loves a woman. You may have your religious beliefs, but in no way should that ever take away a persons right to display their love for another in a way that any straight couple takes for granted.
‘Marriage is a human right, not a Heterosexual privelige’

#2 – Child Protection Laws; There are many young children in my life, from my younger brothers at 12 and 10, to my youngest cousin who is not yet 1. and I love each and every one of them dearly. I adore my friends children, nieces, nephews, simply because that’s who I am. I love children. I can, have and will go out of my way to make sure that the right thing is done by a child. But our current legal system is doing otherwise.
If a mother is unfit to raise her child- The best thing for the child is to take them away! If someone is molesting or assaulting a child- immediate jail term, with an increased minimum! the way we’re going about ‘protecting’ children is to protect the people who are harming them in the first place…

#3 – Anyone who doesn’t indicate while driving should now be shot on the first offence in the leg first, and so on for following offences… INDICATE people, im not a fucking mind-reader!

#4 – Air travel; it just needs to be cheaper for a small-time chef like me to jump on a big aeroplane and fly to the continent: I only want to further my career by traveling in doing so, upon my return, lifting the local economy by bringing before-unknown knowledge here… yes, Julia Gillard. Kevin gave me cash, I want you to give me a return flight to france. still won’t vote for you, but do it anyway.

#5 – I’d love to see a change in people’s narrow minds. broaden your horizons a little, people! if you must, start by having vegetable and mash instead of chips with your Schnitzler, and then, slowly but surely, perhaps I can introduce you to the finer foods in life. im not saying it’ll be truffles and foie gras straight up, but please… try something new for a change. god knows I’m sick of the smell of deep-fried oil in my work clothes….

thats all for now. 🙂



I’ve been thinking about ‘Home’ a lot recently. ‘Home is where the heart is’ apparently. I prefer the phrase, ‘home is what you make it’

Perhaps, it’s just my gypsy, ‘go where the wind blows me’ instincts, but I find that (even more so as I get older) home is not where I grew up. Home is not where I was born. Home is not even where my family is.

Home is where I feel comfortable. Where I feel loved. Where I feel free. Where I can express myself without fear of disappointing anyone. A place I can roam, a place I can curl up on the couch. Sometimes, feeling at home is as simple as the look in my puppy Finley’s eyes when I arrive in from work.

I was raised on the coast- it’s a gorgeous place; beaches, warmth, restaurants. Raised on the coast. But it was never home.

Right now, Home is my little studio apartment, where Finley will soon outgrow the couch. It’s this city of Sydney, and the tingle I feel along my spine whenever I see the city lights bright on the horizon, or all around me. It’s the people I laugh and joke with when I work.

I should also point out that there are many people who make a ‘place’ my ‘home’ or that simply just feel like ‘home’. But not all of them are in the one spot. My example here must be a newfound friend, whom I’ve not yet had the pleasure of meeting- he’s Irish, his name, Shaun. When I talk with him, I feel as comfortable, relaxed, expressive and free as I ever can with my best and closest friend Kristi. I feel at home with Shaun, though we’ve never met.

I feel at home when I walk into my best friend’s house.

I feel at home when I walk into whatever kitchen I’m running at the time.

I feel at home when I talk to someone I care about, that warm feeling somewhere deep inside, not quiet in your heart, that place where your soul must live.

So perhaps a better phrase for me to use would be ‘My home- I’ve made it, and my heart resides’

P.S. Day 08 – Someone you think would make a good president; oh, that’s a tough one… I’d have to say… Ross Noble 🙂

And do you even need an explanation? The guy is awesome, funny, and he has long, poufy, hippy hair. What’s not to make president?

Cat, Michael, Bob & Ziggy…

To continue like I said I would, it’s day 7! oh yeah baby!

Day 07 – Favorite cover of your favorite song- While not my favourite song (I can’t narrow down just ONE), its right up there, as one I love constantly… ‘Ain’t no Sunshine’ by Bill Withers.

My favourite cover would have to be Cat Steven’s effort, closely followed by Michael Jackson, then Bob Marley (and Ziggy too)

I’m sick of being sick! But, I am probably not helping myself- Finely, my 5 month old bitza puppy, still needs lots of exercise, so we walk/run morning and afternoon, even though it’s currently raining… I feel lots better than I did yesterday though, probably because I inhaled about a Kg of green veggies 😀

Top Gear was on last night- it’s always excellent to watch (who am i kidding, its my favourite show!) It’s good that the Nine Network has fast-tracked the new series through, even though that means we’ve missed an entire season… Hammond’s hair is getting longer, Jeremy has definitely grayed more, and James has lost a bit of his beer gut. otherwise, their cocking about is normal, and thoroughly amusing.
My favourite part? When they put on a BBQ for the ‘Star in a Reasonably Priced Car’ segment… Jeremy: “I’ve got a Cauliflower… In case, you know, there’s a Vegetarian person” (cue hysterical laughter on my part)

I’m going through a George Michael phase- loving his tunes at the moment… ‘Don’t let the Sun go down on Me’ with Elton John, is brilliant.

I’ve just realised it’s only 5 weeks until I’m 21… holy crap! I’ve got the whole party planned, I just haven’t really gotten to the point of realising I actually have to traipse all the way to Queensland fo the shindig… and with Finley in the back of the car -_- oh yeah.. but, ‘i gotta have faith, faith, faith…’ who is faith anyway?

reading: ‘As You Do’- Richard Hammond, ‘Intention Experiement’ Lynne McTaggart

listening: George Michael, Oasis, The Beatles… all round a very english playlist 🙂

‘insert witty title here’

I feel slack- I’ve missed three days…

I have been sick though, so i think that’s a legit excuse…

The DaVinci exhibition at Sydney Town Hall, was brilliant; aside from the ratbastard little kids running around screaming about the naked man in the anatomy section, and banging around the models of the inventions so hard they broke…. I hate people who take kids to events like that…
but anyway, that is not my point.
my point was, DaVinci… I knew him as a brilliant artist and inventor, but I literally had no idea at all that he had studied so seriously into anatomy and the human body, its functions… his drawings, research and findings absolutely blew me away; imagine if he had of published more of his work back then; I can only think that not only would the medical fields have advanced, but so would scientific and artistic thinking, to the degree that today, we would be more advanced than we are…

 I have decided upon a new tattoo. If you know me well, you know I have a deep fascination with Alexander the Great; from his childhood right through to his death, and all those he conquered on the way. So I chose one of my favourite quotes attributed to the great man: ‘Nothing is impossible to he who would try’
I think it not only shows the mans strength and courage in his own life, but can be molded to anyones life. everyone has obstacles and tasks to face, and if you really try, it is not so impossible as it might seem…
so it shall be on the outer edge of my lower right forearm, in typewriter print… im looking forward to it.

I guess I had better fill in the last three days of my kickstart:

Day 04 – What you imagine paradise to be like- I can’t even begin to imagine what paradise would be like for me. im not even going to try to transcribe the thoughts running through my head; they’d be far to messy to make sense…

Day 05 – A thank you letter to someone who has changed your life-

Dear Glenn,

You probably won’t remember me. We once sat next to one another on a plane from Sydney to Brisbane. I was 14. I don’t remember why we started talking, but we did. A whole hour and a half we spoke, and for some reason I was immediately comfortable enough with you to tell you all about how much I wanted to be a chef. How, at times, certain members of my family weren’t very supportive of this goal.

In that single hour and a half, you somehow gave me enough confidence in myself and my dreams to become a chef. I’ve thought of you a lot since then. Tried to find you a few times, but when all you’ve got to go on is a name, you don’t get far. but now that it comes to writing this down, I want to make sure you know, just how very grateful I am.

Mr Glenn Roy, had I not met you, had by some twist in fate, I been stuck sitting next to someone else, I doubt I would have ever found the spark that completely ignited my passion for following my heart, and my dreams. many other things have happened that have led me along the path I’ve found, but you, sir, were the one who set my feet upon it. A stranger, a complete stranger, yet you have changed my life in so many ways. my written words can never express my gratitude, not even my most eloquent spoken.

I hope that by some fluke of fate, once more, you will read this and know just what a positive impact you made upon a young girls life- you changed it completely.


(that was hard to write, but im glad I finally did)

Day 06 – Earliest thing you can remember- wow, I don’t know. there are lots of memories from being young, I just don’t know which order they’re in. I guess it might be when I was really little and my mother found me eating dirt out of one of her potted plants. I also vividly remember ‘Benson’ my uncles turtle, which we looked after, and sitting on the table to pat his shell… fun times 🙂

well, I guess that’s it for my musings of the day 🙂

im off to make nachos for dinner… yum!



It’s day 3!

Day 03 – The five songs you would have with you on a desert island and why.
JumpVan Halen; because you need a party starter…
Don’t Worry, Be Happy- Bobby McFerrin; because thats all you can do on a desert island…
Black or WhiteMichael Jackson; because you always need an MJ track…
PonyGinuwine; everyone needs a ‘mood’ song…
Seven Hours With a Backseat DriverGotye; because thats an ‘in’ joke, but it would still make me laugh…

epic long day at work- ciao for now 😀

Little by Little…



I had my first night in another kitchen last night with my new ‘Head Chef’ position. So i spend 6 days in my own kitchen, and one night in another, helping out te other chef when its really very busy. last night it wasn’t. not in the slightest. but Dallas, the other chef, broke his wrist during the course of the evening… how, I still haven’t figured out.

anyway, he’s a sweet old guy- harder to understand than Ozzy Osbourne, but a sweetheart nonetheless…

so i figure seeing as I started this yesterday I had better well continue what I’ve started here is day twos’ question and answer

Day 02 – Something that inspires you?                                                                                                                                                                                     Taking a young apprentice to the Fruit and Veg and/or Fish markets at 3/4am and seeing their eyes widen, and the energy and enthusiasm that they show taking some fresh produce back to the kitchen and showing them how to use it to make it sing… knowing you’ve lit up a bit of their passion for what you love so much yourself, that’s what inspires me…

So of course this got me thinking about what else inspires me- food and cooking obviously, but what else?

Right now, I’m watching Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution- and right now, its inspiring me. seeing those 6-year-old kids who don’t know what a pea, potato or tomato is…. the most basic food. that’s just phenomenal. I can understand why Oliver breaks down, because its heartbreaking watching it, let alone being involved…

In a sudden change of subject I just saw an ad for the new Mitsubishi electric car… is it policy among car companies that all ‘green’ cars, must be UGLY? I love the planet as much as Bob Brown, but I don’t want an ugly car just because it’ll being doing some supposed good- especially when it takes as much carbon pollution to make it, as running a standard car….
just a thought…

right, should get going. 

 till tomorrow!

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